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'dminlgp.com' serves as the tag aggregation application for the Leadership and Global Perspectives Doctor of Ministry (LGP DMin) program  at George Fox Evangelical Seminary (GFES). The program focuses on equipping Christian leaders in faith-based nonprofit organizations and churches to confidently, constructively, and effectively carry out the mission of the gospel of Jesus Christ in an increasingly interconnected world.

The dminlgp conversation revolves around the following themes:

  • Key trends and developments that are occurring worldwide.
  • Contemporary challenges and opportunities these trends pose for effective Christian mission.
  • The development of Christian leaders who can creatively adapt their ministries to these changes.

The ‘dminlgp’ participants conduct their conversations using ‘public’ social media services such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs and so forth. 

The map below shows where are students are located (in yellow) and notes the places the cohorts have visited for their Advances (in red).

View LGP People and Places in a larger map